Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here we go

After 3 1/2 years in which my mom died, I got laid off from my job of 17 years as a librarian, I started to substitute teach, and I went back to school for post baccalaureate certification, I am finally certified to teach English in grades 7-12. In addition, I have an instructional add on certification in Communications and one pending in Library Science K-12. Go me. I just don't know if I'll be able to find a job.

After a day of hopeless self pity and tears, I decided to just pull it together and try to be proactive, not just in my job search but in other areas as well. Included on the list was to start reactivating this blog to keep a record of what and how I'm doing.

The areas are getting into shape; finding a job; writing YA literature; and getting the house in order. There may be something else, but I don't recall.

Lately, I've been walking Sheila for about 2 miles a day. Today was a shorter woods walk, but I won't be doing that again for a while. I became a walking smörgåsbord for mosquitoes, and instead of taking a dip in the river, Sheila rolled her head and ears in the fishy, sticky mud. Ew. We went home and I gave her a bath.

Tomorrow, we begin to get on a routine of some kind. I'm going to blitz the scriptorium (computer/office area) tomorrow so that it's just a pleasanter place to work and see what I can get done.

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