Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Okay, this has to stop

I'm still depressed.

The chickpeas I cooked this morning turned to slurry. What is up with that? Every other time I cooked chickpeas from scratch, I've let them simmer for hours and they still come out like out-sized buckshot. Today, after half an hour, they had mostly dissolved, and what was I going to do with them? Spackle the walls? I think I'll stick to canned garbanzos, thank you. 

Here it is mid morning, and I've done almost nothing. I want to go to Giant in E'town, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting out of my pajamas and robe and into some clothes, let alone getting into the car. 

Responded to a job opportunity at Paeducator.net, but the school wants all the info in the file sent to them as well. Is this a test of whether I'm serious? Great. I'm going to see what the transcript printouts look like, because I am not sending for transcripts every time I apply for a job, since that is why everything is on the web site.

I feel so useless. It's as if I haven't made any progress since December 2006. 

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