Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Okay, this has to stop

I'm still depressed.

The chickpeas I cooked this morning turned to slurry. What is up with that? Every other time I cooked chickpeas from scratch, I've let them simmer for hours and they still come out like out-sized buckshot. Today, after half an hour, they had mostly dissolved, and what was I going to do with them? Spackle the walls? I think I'll stick to canned garbanzos, thank you. 

Here it is mid morning, and I've done almost nothing. I want to go to Giant in E'town, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting out of my pajamas and robe and into some clothes, let alone getting into the car. 

Responded to a job opportunity at Paeducator.net, but the school wants all the info in the file sent to them as well. Is this a test of whether I'm serious? Great. I'm going to see what the transcript printouts look like, because I am not sending for transcripts every time I apply for a job, since that is why everything is on the web site.

I feel so useless. It's as if I haven't made any progress since December 2006. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Battery not included

I'm going to blame it on the snow, but lately, I haven't felt much like doing anything. The Olympics also seem to have interfered with the daily rhythms of life. Well, they're over, and the snow is melting--still very present, but melting, and it's time to get moving.

I got up at 5, fed the beasties, let the dog out, made oatmeal and coffee, unloaded the dishwasher, made hummus, made sandwiches, dealt with an extraordinarily grumpy Teen Two, renewed 5 prescriptions over the phone, cooked basmati rice, cooked lentils, cut up vegetables, and cooked vegetable lentil curry, all before 9 a.m. Go me. I've also cleaned up everything except for some of the bottom of the curry pot. I scorched it a little, so I transferred the curry to a container, and I scrape at the bottom every so often.

I need to shower and go get the medicines. I'm going to stop in at the ReUzit store to see if they have any 3 quart pots available, because I usually need the one we have for more than one thing. I'll take a 4 quart if necessary. I doubt there will be anything, but one never knows.

That's about the extent of my planning, now that dinner is pretty much out of the way. I'm also supposed to write for a subbing job application for Penn Manor. Sweet Babboo has such a knack for inspiring me to feel like a deadbeat because not only have I not found a teaching position--which we expected--the sub jobs appear to have dried up. I keep checking, but nothing shows up. I don't like feeling like this, and I don't think SB sees the housework/cooking/chauffeuring as an equal trade.

Maybe I'll just go to bed for the rest of the day.